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Guitarists Ida Presti and Alexandre Lagoya

are considered the largest and most important guitar duo of the modern era of the 20th century.

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Isabelle Presti

Musician and teacher, Isabelle decides to perpetuate and raise awareness about 

the work of her grandparents while paying tribute to her mother Elisabeth through this association.


Vice president 

Jean-Pierre Casu

Best worker in France committed to excellence by his title, he decided to join the spirit of great music by giving his time.


Vice president

Coralie Millou

Co-founder of the design brand AŸ Cactus since 2015, Coralie is embarking on an associative adventure to bring her skills and open up to new horizons.

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Guylaine Rigo

Freelance  at the ISC of NICE and bathed in the musical spirit, Guylaine is keen to transmit, through her actions within the association, the desire to share unique moments during gatherings dedicated to the classical guitar open to all. 



Alexandre Rigo

Store manager in a large chain, eager to continue the family and musical link Presti-Lagoya, Alexandre invests in the association in order to share with as many people as possible the love of the classical guitar.



Larry Snitzler

Guitarist, music arranger, editor, writer and translator. Former student of Ida Presti&Alexandre Lagoya, Nadia Boulanger & Andrés Segovia.

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