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The following information is intended to present the life and work of the duo


Regarding Ida Presti, you can  find additional information which appears in the following biographical work at Editions Berben:  


  • 1929  : Born in Alexandria in  Egypt, from father
    Greek and of Italian mother.

  • At the age of eight he began his musical studies  and learn
    self-taught guitar.

  • 1942:  Gives his first concert at age 13.

  • 1949:  Last concert in Alexandria

  • 1950: Leaves  Egypt leaving for France.

  • 1950  :  Occurs at  famous  cabaret "The Agile Rabbit" in Montmartre

  • 1951  : Meeting with Ida Presti

  • 1952  : Marriage and formation of the Presti-Lagoya duo

  • 1953: Birth of his son Sylvain

  • 1960  : First Master Class at the Academy
    Nice Summer International until 1988

  •   1st  USA tour

  • 1964  : Decorated twice by the  USSR government

  • 1965: Commander  cultural merit and  Artistic. 

  • 1967  :  After the disappearance of his wife and partner, he resumes a  brilliant  solo career.

  • 1969  : Appointed Professor at the Conservatory  National Music of Paris .

  • 1972: Knight of National Merit.

  • 1974: Knight of Arts and Letters.

  • 1983:  Officer of the Order of Arts and Letters.

  • 1994: Knight of the  Legion of Honor.

  • 1999  : Death to  Paris  at the age of 70.



  • 1924  : Birth  in Suresnes from a French father  and an Italian mother.

  • At six years old,  learning  guitar  under the loving guidance of his father.

  • 1934: First Ramirez Guitar called "the Lioness".

  • 1935  : First major recital, Salle Chopin-Pleyel in Paris.

  • 1938: Film "Le petit chose" by Maurice Cloche.

  • 1944: Birth of his daughter  Elizabeth.

  • 1947: 1st French of "Aranjuez" of J.Rodrigo.

  • 1951  : Meeting with Alexandre Lagoya.

  • 1952  : Beginning of the duet and wedding of Ida Presti &  Alexandre Lagoya.

  • 1953: Birth of his son Sylvain.

  • 1955:  Last concert as a soloist at Salle Gaveau in  Paris

  • For several years  the Presti-Lagoya duo hosts every Thursday  afternoon a program on France Musique
      notes on the guitar  ".

  • 1960-1966  : Teaching  at the International Summer Academy
    in Nice as well as in Mont Orford (Quebec)  .

  • 1964  : Decorated twice by the  USSR government

  • 1965: Commander  cultural merit and  Artistic.  

  • 1967  : Dead  in Rochester (USA) at the age of  42  year. 





   Julian Gomez Ramirez

IMG_3660 2_edited.jpg

The Little Thing by Maurice Cloche 1938


We hope to be able to count on you in order to collect the maximum number of archives which  are sleeping  in your cases... . (cuts of  newspapers, photos, films,  audio recordings)  to allow the Duo to live and re-live. Your documents  will allow  a  more comprehensive website.

Thank you for your dynamism.

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